Every success story starts off with a dream

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The first and biggest achievement of my life was completing my graduation passing from my school. Although I was very dump in studies but every teacher knew my name because I always keep snuggling up different activities and use to work with many societies in their event execution. This time I and my peeps were given with a responsibility to plan out graduation week and come up ideas which could appeal all students and management and be their unforgettable memory for their whole life. First thing was for sure that whatever we are going to plan out we associate with Costume Box Discount Code for all the arrangements like decorations and costumes.

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We started brain storming for the graduation party and analyzed the pervious shows result. Just to make my event a complete success I did proper research and examined of each and every thing. You will find it wired but I had survey from students to know what they are wishing to have from their school in last weeks. So we came up with an idea to have 1970’s themed disco party. The ear which is still remembered for its disco fever. The year which initiated several traditions which are still with us today that is the dance and disco music.

It was era of rising fashion which is still in the heart of all the people in the world. The dresses were funky, fancy, and fashionable with a shimmery glance. The outfits were full of fun and flirt. Each dress tells their own and unique story but one thing was for sure that the outfits depicts the dancing deva in you.

Now the most important part of execution to make students come to the party and hit the dance floor with the 1970’s theme. For a teaser I and my friends planned out a short dance move in the party dresses and we decided to surprising go to each class and excite them. Some got shocked on first place but they enjoyed a lot with our short execution. An announcement was also made that, “follow the call of the disco ball.”

We got a great response from all the students but the only thing bothering them was to arrange the party theme dress. We were prepared for that. We had an association with the store and mentioned their name on our broachers so that they could easily get the wide variety of outwear from the store. On behalf of so many sales leads they offered us some commission too which was used in DJs budget.

The party was a great success and another achievement of life. This event made me released that how good I am in event and PR management and I should work on expertise in this field and today I am heading the biggest event management agency working for different schools, individuals and planning to head towards corporate functions too.

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